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Name:Angel Jesse Shaw
Birthdate:Jul 31
Location:Upper East Side, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York

Angel Jesse Shaw was born a fraternal twin just seven minutes before his brother, Austin. He is also affectionately nicknamed AJ, which stuck when they were toddlers and Austin couldn't pronounce his Ls, so 'Angel' came out sounding like 'AJ'. They were a much welcomed addition for their parents, Vincent and Eliza, who had difficulties trying for a baby for years. They finally resorted to IVF and were over the moon when, on their fourth attempt, learnt they were expecting twin boys. They had always been a well-off family with Sean a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and Eliza a popular children's author. The family grew up on the Upper East Side of New York, and the boys never wanted for anything, both attending private school from a young age. Because of this, Austin seemed to have a natural love for fashion and pretty things, where Angel was always the rough nut, getting into things he shouldn't be or getting detentions at school. He had no attention span for academics and got bored easily. What their parents did discover in him from as young as even early grade school was that he had a deep love for music and talent to match. Once they got him into some music lessons for guitar and piano, he settled down a little and his grades increased. That was only just beginning of the twins many differences, but they always remained very close and each other's best friends.

Angel's love of music only thrived as he got older, and in high school, he joined up with the show choir in freshmen year, which he stuck with right through where they won three consecutive National Titles. In his senior year, Angel led them to the win and it was there he was talent scouted by Aiden Lewis, who negotiated Angel a three album recording deal. It was right before his high school graduation that Angel fell quite ill. His parents initially thought it was just a bad flu, and then he was diagnosed with Mono. He was ill and exhausted for months, literally just curled up in bed for weeks and it set back the recording of his first album. He didn't even make his graduation ceremony. Eventually, it led to him being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and although he was destined to frequently suffer periods of deep exhaustion, he was determined to ensure it didn't ruin his career.

He went on to record his first album, and he was an instant success amongst the teens. It was a whirlwind of promo performances and appearances for weeks and his mind was spinning in the wake of it all. It felt like he barely stopped for any length of time before he was in the studio working on the second album. Following that would be his first international tour, which would end in May 2013. He would finally have a well-earned break, returning home to New York after being away from his family touring for six months straight all around the world. Whilst away, he missed his twin horrifically, but having scored an internship with Rian Ambrose's fashion label, Ambrosiere, Austin wasn't able to meet up with Angel anywhere at any point during his tour. It was tough, and in a heavy exhaustion, Angel is finally relieved to be home and with plans for him and his brother to get an apartment together upon his arrival.

Angel fits the popstar persona to a tee. He is sassy and promiscuous with a thrillseeker streak, walking with a confident swagger. He is very flexible and bounces around the stage like an Energizer Bunny, making it hard to believe he suffers the condition he does. He lost his virginity at 14 years old, and hasn't really stopped using his dick ever since. He loves sex and loves partying, but most of all, he loves music. He cannot get enough of it, and thrives on it. He has a natural affiliation with other musical people, and loves jamming or bonding over all styles of music. His twin is his best friend, and he has never actually dated anyone seriously. As his career stands right now, he isn't sure he has the time for it, nor would his fans be happy if he did. His condition sends him crashing frequently, but he has learned when to pace himself and what the signs are. He is determind to live life to the fullest with a carefree attitude, with his outlook on life very much "Carpe Diem!".

Angel is an Original Character for the musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

DISCLAIMER: Angel is an Original Character with no fandom affiliation. For RP purposes only. His PB is Nolan Gerard Funk, who belongs to himself.

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